Why is wedding so important for us

Why is wedding so important for us

Whenever we meet our relatives after a long time, they ask us the same thing. How the school goes, do you already know what you want to do in the future, have you finally got yourself a boyfriend, etc. Over time, the questions change. Did the interview came out well, how do you plan to celebrate your anniversary, and finally, have you been thinking about getting married. As little ones, we played the ceremony with stuffed animals, and as adults, we are thinking about which dress we would wear, and the kind of flowers w want on the tables. We probably agree that this is an exceptional day. However, ideas about an ideal wedding differ.

What elements make a wedding a wedding

Its course and pomp usually depend on our personality and wallet. Because it is a big event, people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on it. However, there is something that weddings should not differ from. It’s love between spouses. In the past, people were getting married on orders from their parents, and the whole thing lacked its charm. However, we now have a choice, and it would be a shame not to use it. It’s also nice to invite your family and friends to your ceremony. It’s important to have someone to share the joy with. Finally, it would be best to have your ceremony in an environment that is pleasant for you and will help you experience the moment even more.

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And a little from my personal point of view…

I personally can’t imagine my wedding in bad weather. It would completely ruin the mood. I find the groom’s opinion important, so I think it’s a mistake to think too much about the details. Plus, as long as you marry someone you love, it doesn’t matter where it takes place. I can’t decide what time of year is ideal. In summer, the advantage is that you are not so cold, but on the other side, snow can add a lot to the atmosphere. It probably depends a lot on your preferences. This article is very objective, so it does not mean you are doing something wrong if you decide to marry away from friends and family. Everyone has their personal opinion, and everything is fine as long as it makes you happy.

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